Manufacturers we present

Commercial Products Corporation is proud to represent the following manufacturer's leading the hot water industry.

Type B category I venting systems. Type II, III, IV positive pressure stainless lined chimney, integral chase grease duct system, generator stack systems, AL294C stainless lined chimney systems.


High efficiency and mid efficiency hot water heaters and boilers. Condensing ultra high efficiency hot water boilers. Boiler control systems.


Hot water and steam serpentine tube available in gas, oil and duel fuel. Electric steam and water boilers, hot water heaters. Hot water storage tanks, and indirect hot water generators, hot / cold water buffer tanks.


Steam Generators, water tube design, compact and economical.


Plate and frame, shell and tube, brazed plate and straight tube heat exchangers, economizers, instant indirect water heaters.


Waste heat recovery systems, steam and hydronic boiler economizers.


High input, on demand, tankless water heaters.


High input, on demand, tankless water heaters.


Deaerators, boiler feed systems, heat recovery systems, centrifugal and turbine boiler feed pumps.


Oil, gas duel fuel water heaters, steam and hot water boilers.


Automated heating and cooling controls for the HVAC/R industry including boiler management systems, mechanical and electronic mixing valves.


Copper finned tube gas boilers. Available in 82%, 85%, 87%, and 94%+ efficiency. Boilers and water heaters suitable for indoor or outdoor application. Buffer tanks, hot water storage tanks.


Circulating pumps, shell and tube heat exchangers, semi-instantaneous steam to water heaters, air separators, and hydronic specialties.


Semi-instantaneous water heaters, stainless steel coils, tankless coils, tube bundles, inter/after cooler bundles, solar hot water systems, hydrogen generator coolers.


Steam specialities, steam traps, steam valves, pressure reducing valves, strainers.


Gas, oil and electric water tube boilers for steam and hot water.